Western Civilizations: 11.29.12

Nov 29, 2012

  • Intro WWI and Vocab
  • Makeup Day


    Binder Table of Contents:

    In the VERY FRONT:
    • Lowdown for Western Civilizations
    Section 5: The Age of Change
    • Lowdown:  The Age of Change
    • Vocab Packet:  The Age of Change
    1. Outline: The Renaissance
    2. Men and Women of the Renaissance WS
    3. Women of the Renaissance Activity
    4. Daily Life in the Renaissance Materials (Info, Anticipation Guide, Illustrations, 2 Paragraph Write-up)
    5. Reformation Questions
    6. Reformation Notes
    7. TAG: The Age of Exploration
    Section 6: Revolution in Europe
    • Lowdown:  Revolution in Europe
    • Vocab Packet:  Revolution in Europe
    1. Foundations of the Revolution WS 
    2. Video Guide: The French Revolution
    3. Napoleon Activity WS
    4. TAG: Industrial Revolution
    5. Matching: Inventors
    6. Factory and Working Conditions


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